The SMMTC recognizes and remembers these people for their special contributions to the trails during their time here. Those who have donated to the Trails Council in memory of their friends and families are always appreciated.

Burt Elliot, July 2014, Beyond building and maintaining our trails, Burt trained and mentored numerous Crew Leaders. An avid hiker, runner, geocacher and someone who could identify the local flowers and plants, Burt was involved with building, maintaining and enjoying just about every trail in the local mountains.

Ted DePass, August 2013 - This link goes to our newsletter archive with a nice article about Ted.

Linda Palmer, June 2013, Linda's involvement with our local mountains was ubiquitous - her vision helped forge the trails that make our life a better one.

Grant Gerson, December 2012, Founding member of the Trails Council. This link goes to our newsletter archive with a dedication to Grant.

Ron Schafer, September 2010, Angeles District Superintendent, California State Parks.

Milt McAuley, December 2008, long time and very active member of the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council.

Al Bandel, September 2008, hard-working volunteer on trails both in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Channel Islands.

Hank Grateful, July 2001, one of the best-known builders of hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Bob Boone, Summer 2007, How do we measure life? By good friends, by peer acknowledgement, by pride of craftsmanship and skill, by holding to the basic values of honesty, generosity, reliability, integrity, humor and love of family & friends. To these ends, Bob lived a very good life. After proudly serving in World War II, and remaining a staunch patriot for the rest of his life, Bob made his living as a carpenter. However, he lived his life as a cowboy. He believed in the nobility of work and that a day of work is a day well spent. He was heart and soul a cowboy; and he embraced the whole tradition of the West from vaqueros to modern ranching and cattle drives. He enjoyed everything western: clothes, books, magazines, poetry, music, museums, and rodeos; and he rode horses for most of his life. Bob was an outdoorsman who relished all that nature offered:hiking, fishing, camping, and horseback riding. He regularly worked on trails so that others could also enjoy going places that he liked. Exploring wild lands nourished his soul, and he spent a lot of time in the Sierra with family and friends. Bob's legacy will endure as we convey his values to those who follow us along life's trails.
This Navajo Proverb best describes Bob Boone.
I have been to the end of the earth.
I have been to the end of the waters.
I have been to the end of the sky.
I have been to the end of the mountains.
I have found none that are not my friends.

Peno Dwinger, Started the MAU, Mounted Assistance Unit for State Parks; this evolved into the present MVP, Mounted Volunteer Patrol which patrols for the 3 main land agencies, NPS, State Parks, MRCA