IMG 1746 IMG 1747 IMG 1748 IMG 1749
IMG 1750 IMG 1751 IMG 1756 IMG 1757
IMG 1758 IMG 1759 IMG 1760 Dale Skinner - State Parks
IMG 1762 IMG 1752 Steve - almost seems like he is part machine- watch him work.. IMG 1754
IMG 1755 IMG 1763 IMG 1764 Barry - Cerw Leader Extraordinaire
IMG 8717 IMG 8718 IMG 8719 IMG 8720
IMG 8721 IMG 8723 IMG 8724 IMG 8725
IMG 8726 IMG 8727 IMG 8730 IMG 8731
IMG 8732 JP - Winner of the Chia Pet.. Dave - has a very contagious positive attitude IMG 8735
IMG 8737 IMG 8738 IMG 8742 IMG 8744
IMG 8745 IMG 8748 IMG 8722 IMG 1765
IMG 1767 IMG 1766 John Kross Armored wall built to keep trail from sliding IMG 8758  Look at all the Mcleods!  We cleaned up after the Sweco.
IMG 8759 IMG 8760 IMG 8762  John and Ryan selecting Mcleods. IMG 8763  At the top of Sage Trail.
IMG 8766 IMG 8768 IMG 8769 IMG 8772
IMG 8773 IMG 8774 IMG 8775 IMG 8776
IMG 8777  Some tiny flowers you might have overlooked. "Prostrate Spurge" - Sage Trail April 2014. Strange Name Pretty flower? IMG 8778 IMG 8785 IMG 8786
IMG 8791 IMG 8792 IMG 8793  Stinging Lupine - the name tells me enough.  After a day of cutting and clearing Poisin Oak, no need to tempt fate! IMG 8794
IMG 8795  Stinging Lupine. IMG 8798  Stinging Lupine with lots of variety in color. IMG 8800 IMG 8801
IMG 8807 IMG 8808 IMG 8810 IMG 8812
IMG 8813 IMG 8814 IMG 8815  Barry supervising the next generation of Trail Workers. IMG 8830  Chuck - a guy who works hard but never appears tired.
IMG 8833  Ranger Tony showing us how it's done. Mr. Hoffman told me that he started with State Parks doing this type of work. IMG 8835  Robert Lee smiling for the camera after terrorizing the rocks and roots along the berm of the rebuilt Sage Trail. IMG 8836  This kind of work can occasionally bring a smile to your face. IMG 8837
IMG 8838  Steve putting the finishing touches on a rolling drain dip. IMG 8842  Yucca and Lupine competing for scare resources along the edge of the trail. IMG 8844  Does'nt that look nice? IMG 8845
IMG 8846  If you look at the background, you can see why Lupine is considered a member of the Pea family.  See the pods? They explode when the seeds are ready to be disbursed and the Sun is a catalyst. IMG 8847 IMG 8848 IMG 8849
IMG 8850  The Trails Council purchased this for State Parks and it has been money well spent. IMG 8852  A future Trail Crew Leader! IMG 8856  Even after two days of work - Thumbs up! IMG 8857  Heidi and Alex.
IMG 8861  Ryan, surveying the landscape as our work comes to a close. 20140426 100201 resized  Savoring the view after the first climb up Blue Canyon. 20140426 112850 resized  Howard going to town creating an outslope as he removes slough from the edge of the trail. 20140426 112903 resized  Howard surveying the scene.  Look how nice that trail looks!
20140426 125546 resized  John removing the slough whil Heidi does some lopping. 20140426 125736 resized  Hard working Alex with George (standing around while Alex does the work). 20140426 141145 resized  George, Jennifer, Connie & Audrey. 20140426 150444 resized
20140426 150451 resized 20140426 150524 resized  The Chamberlain Trail Crew. 20140426 183531 resized 3  Your Crew Leaders before the day's work began.....  Dave,Jerry,Virginia,Barb, Barry,Dave & John. 20140426 090600 resized
20140426 090604 resized  A before picture with George, John Howard, Dave and Chuck. 20140426 100150 resized  Not exactly sure what Howard is doing, but it appears that he is ready to lop, chop and grub whatever section of trail he is working on! 20140426 100156 resized bv2Trail Days 2014  The Crenshaw Eco Club - looks like a before picture with everyone looking clean and ready to work.
bv 3 trail days  Bill Vanderberg and Tanya Gray bv 4 trail days  The Crenshaw Eco Club making it look easy to work on trails. bv 5 trail days