Backbone Trail Trek 2008
Geocaching Opportunities

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or ""caches") anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and "treasure", usually toys or trinkets of little value. Today, well over 480,000 geocaches are registered on various websites devoted to the sport. Geocaches are currently placed in over 100 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

There are currently over 65 geocaches hidden along the Backbone Trail (within approximately 200 feet of the trail). Although the caches are scattered along the length of the trail, there are long stretches were there are no caches, since geocaching is not generally permitted on National Parks Property. Virtual caches are allowed on NPS property and there is two of that type of caches on the trail.

For those Backbone Trail Trekkers that participate in the sport, geocaching may add an additional level of enjoyment the Backbone Trek. The pace of the trek is such that cachers will have time to locate caches during the hike. In case you are new to the sport, there are experienced geocachers among the volunteer staff to provide assistance if desired.

The table below lists all the geocaches along the Backbone Trail. A GPS downloadable file may be found on Navigate to the webpage for any one of the listed caches. On the right hand side of the page you will find "Bookmark Lists". Click on "Backbone Trail". Download the file to your PC and then use your existing PC tools to download the file to your GPS.

Good luck and happy caching!

Cache ID Cache Name Location
GC10DET Another BBT Cache N34 04.301 W118 31.429
GC10H8G Ray Miller Trail N34 05.186 W119 01.943
GC117ZX Dirty Harrys Manzanita N34 04.887 W118 39.522
GC11NAG A nice perch for a Big Eagle N34 05.223 W119 01.806
GC11NJD Coming Around the Far Turn N34 05.127 W119 01.632
GC11QFF I'm Gonna Keep Going! N34 05.442 W119 01.564
GC11RJF Thanks for the chaos, in a manner of speaking. N34 05.288 W119 01.699
GC11WNM Lunchtime Quickie for Max N34 05.112 W119 01.484
GC12HDV It's A Jungle N34 07.543 W118 59.764
GC12HE9 Don't Fence Me Out! N34 07.580 W118 59.661
GC12HF3 Eraser's Edge N34 06.924 W118 58.658
GC12HF9 A Not So Familiar Ring N34 06.867 W118 58.795
GC12Y06 5 2 DANIELSON N34 06.913 W118 57.054
GC12Y07 HOODOO VU N34 06.715 W118 58.435
GC14Q0X Backbone Multi-View N34 06.634 W118 57.819
GC15B1W Hiking the Backbone Trail with some old fossils N34 04.515 W118 43.526
GC15VC1 Into the Gap N34 06.656 W118 57.971
GC283A The Meadows N34 05.484 W118 37.406
GC2E46 The Bridge - Humbys Cache #1 N34 04.066 W118 31.173
GC672 Henry's Cache N34 06.580 W118 58.270
GCBAEA Inspiration Point N34 06.990 W118 56.570
GCBAEB Sandstone Peak N34 07.219 W118 55.938
GCC765 4 islands view N34 04.720 W118 43.995
GCH7N8 Thank you, Danielsons! N34 07.508 W118 59.524
GCHBBP Cultivator Cache N34 06.715 W118 57.415
GCHE1J Eye Pollution N34 06.105 W119 01.675
GCHK44 GIMME A BREAK N34 06.596 W119 00.654
GCHTJ2 Leap Day Cache N34 06.431 W119 01.650
GCJ4E4 More Inspiration N34 03.924 W118 31.131
GCKCH8 BACKBONE LUNCH ROCK N34 04.970 W118 40.063
GCKK13 It starts...! N34 05.306 W119 01.983
GCM3WA Dinosaur Egg! N34 07.322 W118 58.787
GCM75F MESA-PUERCO CACHE N34 04.071 W118 43.267
GCM880 Trail Maintenance N34 06.713 W118 58.987
GCN0H0 On The Road To The LookOut - Seaside N34 04.897 W118 38.585
GCN0H2 Pole Caching Practice II N34 04.876 W118 38.752
GCN36E The Lizard's View N34 05.116 W118 38.117
GCNH0G The MANLY MAN'S Musch Cache N34 06.183 W118 35.066
GCNK38 Richard's Rock N34 04.315 W118 42.947
GCNNQG Islands and Mountains N34 05.113 W119 01.851
GCNRA0 Water Cache N34 06.777 W118 58.997
GCNWBP Piuma Cache N34 04.600 W118 41.870
GCNWNX Dark Canyon Cache N34 04.559 W118 41.029
GCP7M7 Archway N34 06.566 W118 33.804
GCP836 HUBBA HUBBA N34 06.371 W118 33.495
GCPHYG Love Shack N34 07.378 W118 59.917
GCPNQH Backbone Backbreaker N34 04.670 W118 42.662
GCQ2M6 Swimmin Hole? N34 05.644 W118 35.227
GCQDK6 Henry Ridge N34 05.647 W118 36.359
GCQDKK Daid Horse N34 05.691 W118 36.070
GCQH3T La Jolla Valley View N34 06.326 W119 01.808
GCRAB3 She was Wrong! N34 06.676 W119 00.610
GCRNXK Just North of Eagle Rock N34 06.480 W118 34.287
GCRNXR I can see MY house from here too. N34 06.560 W118 33.922
GCT1K9 Hike 35 Cache N34 04.322 W118 43.359
GCTF7G Cathedral Rock N34 06.323 W118 33.419
GCW2MN Above Dark Canyon N34 04.738 W118 40.838
GCW2Z2 The Beginning N34 05.176 W119 02.203
GCW2Z4 The End N34 03.650 W118 30.813
GCW5MH No Swimming N34 04.829 W118 45.272
GCWEB5 Hondo Canyon Cabin Cache N34 05.378 W118 37.610
GCWNPR Peak-A-View Too N34 06.133 W118 33.229
GCXHBC Hondo Trailhead N34 05.572 W118 36.604
GCY678 ?En una rama? N34 05.760 W118 35.968
GCYBP4 Lone Oak N34 04.846 W118 31.789
GCYRXM Hideout N34 06.982 W119 00.421