Backbone Trail Trek 2008
Hikers for Backbone Trek 2008

The following people have registered for the Backbone Trek 2008 and have consented to place their names on this list. There are other hikers who have declined to place their names on the list.

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Name City Email*
Jamar Schoessow Santa Monica, CA
Rose Messina Ventura, CA
Paul & Pat Schoch Sebastopol, CA
Jeanette Martin Jacksonville, OR
Dan Brumer Encino, CA
Jeanne Reggio Glen Ellen, CA
Lee Thompson Harbor City, CA
Mary Anne Williams Santa Barbara, CA
Karen Orso & Les Gould Wilseyville, CA
Shari Shepherd Santa Barbara, CA
Dennis Hamlett Oakland, CA
Virginia Norris Ventura, CA
Diana Hindley Glen Ellen, CA
Bertha Reilly Oakland, CA
Carol Mills Los Alto, CA