Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail Trek 2008

The more stuff you leave behind, the more enjoyable your experience, but be sure to bring the essentials. Here’s a basic list to help you pack for the Backbone Trek.

Equipment: Sleeping bag, pad and ground cloth, tarp or tent to protect against insects. A pillow may make your sleeping more comfortable.

Clothing: Rain would be unusual, but coastal fog is likely, so a rain resistant windbreaker with layers should be the best combination. Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes and good hiking socks for the trail; comfortable shoes to wear in camp; and a hat are musts. It is likely that it will be sunny and hot at least some of the time. Shorts would be OK on most days.

Eating Utensils: Bring your own cup, plate, bowl and eating utensils; plastic container to carry your sandwich and for leftovers; cloth napkin and dish towel.

Personal Items: Bring a towel, soap, shampoo, comb, chap-stick, sunscreen and tooth care items.

Basic First Aid: Bring first aid supplies such as bandages, insect repellent, aspirin, moleskin for blister protection and your own special needs. Bring any prescription medications you require.

Trail Items: Bring a daypack, at least two canteens/water bottles, and sunglasses. Camera, notebook and pen, and binoculars (optional).

Chairs: I recommend one of those lightweight camp seats that fold up into a small cylindrical stuff sack. The stores call them sling chairs or hammock chairs. They are sold in the camping supply stores – or Linens & Things or Bed Bath & Beyond usually have them for $9.99. Please NO lawn chairs or beach chairs because we do not have the room.

Other Stuff: A flashlight and extra batteries are essential.

You’ll want some money for extras (we will be making shopping runs during the week.)