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Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail Trek 2013



DAY 1    MAY 5, 2013    SUNDAY
La Jolla Canyon Backbone Trail, trailhead to Danielson Ranch Group Camp - Moderate: 8.2 miles, 1,330 foot climb
Leader: TBD

DAY 2    MAY 6, 2013    MONDAY
Danielson Ranch Group Camp to Triunfo Peak Trailhead - Difficult: 8.4 miles, 3,060 foot climb with the option of including an additional 4.6 mile section of the Backbone Trail for a total of 13.0 miles
Leader: TBD

DAY 3    MAY 7, 2013    TUESDAY

Yerba Buena Trailhead to Mulholland Hwy Trailhead to Latigo Canyon Trailhead - Moderate: 12.7 mi., 1,970 ft. climb. Includes an optional 4.2-mile section of the Backbone Trail (8.5 miles without optional section).
Note: An optional 4.2 miles is added to the front of the hike. To accomplish the optional section, we will divide the hikers into two groups for the beginning of the hike. The first group, those who have chosen to hike the optional section, will leave the campground at 8:00 AM and shuttle to the Yerba Buena trailhead. The second group, those choosing not to hike the optional section will leave the campground at 10:00 AM and shuttle to the Mulholland Highway trailhead. The two groups join at Mulholland Highway and continue for the remainder of the day's hike.
Leader: TBD

DAY 4    MAY 8, 2013    WEDNESDAY
Latigo Canyon Trailhead to Malibu Canyon Road Trailhead - Difficult: 9.8 miles, 1,120 foot climb
Leader: TBD

DAY 5    MAY 9, 2013    THURSDAY
Malibu Creek State Park Group Campground to Saddle Peak Trailhead - Difficult: 7.1 miles, 2,500 foot climb
Leader: TBD

DAY 6    MAY 10, 2013    FRIDAY
Saddle Peak Trailhead to Musch Camp - Moderate: 7.6 miles, 970 foot climb
Leader: TBD

DAY 7    MAY 11, 2013    SATURDAY
Musch Camp to Will Rogers Historic Park - Difficult: 9.6 miles, 1,360 foot climb
Leader: TBD

* On selected days, we may have a guest hike leader