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Trail Maintenance

January 3, 2009

Backbone Trail - East of Latigo Canyon Road

National Park Service - Castro Crest

This was a joint project with CORBA

Representatives from CORBA and the equestrian community joined us in clearing brush and addressing erosion problems on the tread.

Considerable attention was given to addressing this particular washout section. Rocks were gathered and brought assembly-line style to the area, then placed with care to halt the erosion. At the end, a "gargoyle rock" was placed near the outside edge to encourage trail users to to keep to the inside edge of the tread. This is to give the rocks and soil on the outside to have a chance to settle.

In this section there was a very deep yet wide washout area. The top end was shaped into a rolling dip, and berm (high outside edge) was broken down and brought in to reshape the lower portions.

We added several other drainage features - rolling dips, and filling in eroded areas - to improve trail sustainability and safety while still keeping the trail fun.

A subcrew did lopping and sawing of brush near the creek crossing. There is still more to address on this trail and we are planning to return to this section of the Backbone Trail in the first half of 2009.

Photos courtesy of Liz Baumann.