Trail Maintenance

Saturday June 19, 2010

Bay Tree Trail

Topanga State Park

This was a joint project with the Sierra Club Task Force

The SMMTC crew consisted of 8. Fortunately we were joined by about 14 members of the Sierra Club Task Force led by Ron Webster. We made the trail really nice down to the first drainage, which is over 3/4 mile from the trailhead. At that point he trail had been blocked by the downfall of a large old oak tree that had taken several small bay trees along with it. The trail was completely cleared of the downed trees by 3 men using only a 20 inch hand saw. We had brought in a specialist (see photo of Grayson) with a two-person crosscut saw, but the saw, while sharp, did not have enough set to the teeth and quickly jammed, making it useless. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to work on the rest of the 1/4 mile below that drainage to where the trail ends in a creek bottom.

Photos contributed by Burt Elliott