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Trail Maintenance

December 20, 2008

Chamberlain Trail

Point Mugu State Park

Today we approached the trail from the Sycamore Canyon side. Some of our crew began work a short ways in from the western terminus of the trail, while others headed further up to work just below Chamberlain Rock on repairing a section of badly eroded tread. Brush has been encroaching in on the trail throughout and the tread is uneven in a number of sections. We made significant improvements however further work still is needed on this trail.

The trail's namesake, Chamberlain Rock

Rest break on the way up

Before and After, working near Chamberlain Rock:

More from the upper sections

Other work further below, about a half mile up from the junction with Boney Trail

Photos courtesy of Edward Reid, Greg Sweel and Liz Baumann.