Trail Maintenance

Saturday September 15, 2012

Mesa Peak* Trail

Malibu Creek State Park

* a Backbone Trail Segment

This was a joint project with CORBA (the Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association)

Trails Council, CORBA and Calabasas Day Hikers volunteers filled in severe ruts, built water diversions and brushed the bottom singletrack section of the Mesa Peak Trail. See CORBA link below for more photos and description of the work.

This section a couple hundred feet from the bottom is really bad. The trail is to the right but people go to the left to avoid the rut. It's very steep, loose and slippery.
Getting started at the top
Progress, progress...
What it looked like when we finished it...
A bit over half of the volunteers spend their time cutting and removing brush
There were some other obstacles
Resting comfortably at the side of the trail
Cleaning up the cuttings
Heading back when the work is finished

Link to more photos from this event in an album on Photos contributed by Claudia Mitchell.