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Trail Maintenance

Dates in 2005 and 2006

Mishe Mokwa Trail

NPS - Circle X Ranch

One of our projects has been on a very steep section of the trail. Over the years we have put in several drains that are succeeding in carrying the winter rains off of the trail. The tread is rather slippery though due to the steepness. Thus recently we have worked on the alignment/definition of the trail, and put in some stone steps to make it less treacherous. The first set of photos below are of this particular steep section.

Before (left): these large drains are working to get the water off-trail, but the tread is undefined and quite slippery in spots due to the steep grade.

During and After (below): We re-defined the trail tread and added several steps to a particularly steep part to make it less dangerous. Several months later we can see that it's holding up nicely.

The following are from our January 2006 outing, where several of us spent the day working on other drainage issues.

Photos courtesy of Liz Baumann.