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Trail Maintenance

June, November, and December 2005

Old Boney Trail

Point Mugu State Park

This southern-most segment of the Old Boney Trail is a former road. It intersects with Sycamore Canyon, between Wood Canyon and Danielson Ranch. Some have taken to calling this section the "Toe Stubber". We've done three maintenance outings here in June, November, and December of 2005.

The trail is in rough shape but improving! In June we worked the lower flat section, clearing brush. It was nearly impassable before this. In November and December we focused on the upper sections, installing a number of large drains, clearing brush, and filling in gullies. Photos below are of these upper sections.

Some examples of the erosion problems that existed on this trail ("before")...

... and some results of our November and December 2005 outings ("after").
The drains should channel winter rains off of the trail, halting/preventing the gullies.

These drains did their job with the New Years' rains!

December's work party - start of day and breaking for lunch

Many thanks to all who have worked with us on this trail!!!

Photos courtesy of Liz Baumann.