Trail Maintenance

Saturday January 29, 2011

Old Boney Trail

Point Mugu State Park

At our meeting place leader Norm Simmonds organized the crew of 9 for the car pool to the trailhead for the approach to the Old Boney Trail. State Park Trail Supervisor Dale Skinner used a borrowed Gator to haul tools and packs up the (newly named) Old Cabin Trail (formerly Danielson Rd.) to the beginning of the project. We cleared some overgrowth on the Old Cabin Trail to allow the Gater to pass. Our previous work on the Old Boney Trail was sufficient enough for Dale to drive the Gator further up the Old Boney Trail. We cleared overgrowth to allow the Gator to follow the crew almost to the high point of the trail. Prior water bars have been working well and a few needed cleaning out. Further up the trail, erosion has caused ditching so we installed a few more water bars. We worked a long day, getting back to the meeting place by 4 PM. We were surprised to see one of the many hikers on the trail was SAMO superintendent Woody Smeck on his way to Circle X via Old Boney and the Chamberlain Trail. Woody said that his goal is to hike every trail in the SMMNRA. He picked an very agressive hike for this day.

Scorpion Surprise!

Photos contributed by Burt Elliott