Trail Maintenance

Tuesday February 8, 2011 - Friday February 11, 2011 (4-day outing)

Scorpion Ranch and Potato Harbor Trails

NPS - Channel Islands

This was a Channel Islands Trip to Santa Cruz Island - Scorpion Ranch

A three person crew traveled to Santa Cruz Island for a four day project. This was the first Santa Cruz project of the year. We usually do all the tread work on the February trip before the grasses start to grow. Due to the heavy December rains, there were a couple of serious problems to repair. The first was on the North Bluffs Trail, on the way to Potato harbor. A portion of the hillside had slumped away taking part of the trail with it. About three hours of hauling rocks and moving very wet soil took care of the problem. The next day we hiked up to the Scorpion Loop Trail, to a location just above the creek bed, where there was a HUGE washout. It was immediately apparent that this was much more than we could handle. The only option was to realign the trail around the washout, which we did. We also spent a few hours working on the Cavern Point Trail. We have devoted a lot of hours work to this trail over the last two or three years. It is now a pleasure to see what excellent condition the trail is in. On this trip all we had to do was some minor work to clean drains and a little slough. Of course our trip would not have been complete without hiking the "Quad" trail up toward Montanon Ridge. We spent about four hours weedwhacking and widening the bench along the ridge. It was a beautiful day and we had lunch on the ridge overlooking Chinese Harbor.

The washout on North Bluffs Trail
The HUGE washout on Scorpion Loop Trail
The realignment on the Scorpion Loop Trail
Jerry with Chinese Harbor in the background
Trail repair
Trail repair continues
Trail repair almost done
View of Scorpion Harbor

Photos contributed by Jerry Mitcham, Dave Edwards & Greg Sweel