Trail Maintenance

Thursday February 10, 2011

Mugu Peak Trail

Point Mugu State Park


On Feb 10 we had a project doing maintenance on the Mugu Peak Trail with twenty volunteers from SEABEES, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FOUR. The section of Mugu Peak Trail that we improved begins at the top of the Chumash Trail and heads east to Mugu Peak in Point Mugu State Park. The Chumash Trailhead is across PCH from the SEABEE gunnery range and climbs steeply to La Jolla Valley. Navy personnel use this trail for a workout. The last section of the Mugu Peak Trail is either not shown on some maps, or indicated as unmaintained on other maps. The entire trail was overgrown in many areas and not kind on hikers or runners wearing shorts. Some patriotic individual(s), probably military, have placed our national flag on top of Mugu Peak and there is a register of sorts to sign. I have been told by archeologists that the Chumash Trail has been in constant use for 7,000 years.

ENS Forney, Alfa Company, organized a crew of SEABEE volunteers to help fix up a trail in the mountains, requesting a weekday project. Mark Simril and Burt Elliott hiked the trail a few days prior to assess what work was needed. Sharon and Norm Simmonds joined Mark and Burt to help organize the work. It was a real pleasure to work with women and men who know how to get things done. This crew worked like a well oiled machine and cleared much more trail than our usual crews could do in a day. The results of our work are there for the public to enjoy. Ocean views along the Mugu Peak Trail are exceptional.

SEABEE Volunteers on the Mugu Peak Trail
Getting Ready To Cut Back Overgrowth
SEABEEs returning
Sharon and Norm Returning - note Sharon's hiking pole is a McLeod
Post Work Debrief - Ens Forney, the SEABEE organizer is the tallest guy in the picture.

Photos contributed by Burt Elliott