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Linda Palmer 1932-2013

These are email responses from when the notice was sent of her passing in June 2013

"Her efforts to create and protect trails will be timeless.  I'm thankful to have worked with both of you.
Woody Smeck


Linda's memory will be honored by every footfall and hoofbeat on the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains. Her dedication should be an inspiration to all of us.    Gary Boyle

    Very sorry to hear of Linda's passing.  She opened my eyes to the value of trails probably 30 plus years ago.  She was a profoundly beautiful and knowledgeable person.  I admired her calm strength.  My heart goes out to her family for their loss.    Gary Harryman

    I'll always remember her as a gentle, considerate soul.  When we attended Grant's 90th, she reminded me of a time when both of us were coming around a corner on the Topanga trails - bumped head on, and both fell off.  We sure had a good laugh over that one.  She was a dear and we'll miss her.     Reggie & Dick Fonseca

I was so happy to see Linda at Grant's memorial. She looked so good it came as a shock to see your email. I'm glad that I got to see her one last time. Linda and Milt were my trail mentors, and I learned so much from them. Not just trail stuff, but life stuff as well. I am trying to live up to their example concerning trails. There is no way I would be as effective an advocate for trails and open space.   Burt Elliott

Linda was a trails heroine.  Always the go-to person when I needed some background on a trail in the mountains.  And always, always so lovely and gracious.  All of us at NPS will miss her greatly.   Melanie Beck

I'm so sorry to hear about Linda's passing. but as you said, she is no longer in pain.  When I think about her, I always picture her crawling through the bushes, setting out stakes for a new trail.  She will be missed.  Claudette Rice
Such a dear, dear person and stalwart supporter of open space.   I’m so glad the Conservancy Board and Advisory Committee were able to honor her at a meeting at King Gillette Ranch about a year and a half ago, while she was well enough to attend and hear all the accolades from everyone.  She will be so missed.      Rorie Skei

I am so sorry to hear of Linda's passing, but glad she is no longer suffering.  She was a truly gracious and lovely person.  I well remember meeting both of you for the first time on the same day when we went for a hike in Point Mugu State Park to look at a trail.  May she rest in peace.     Suzanne Goode

This is a very sad day indeed.  I have really missed Linda on the trails the last couple of years. I learned a lot from her and she was always a pleasure to work with on the trails.  Linda was a bright flower on the trail.  She will be sorely missed by all that knew her.    Jerry Mitcham

Yes, she was one of the originals, strong advocate for open space and trails. And, a really lovely woman. Thank you, Ruth, for letting us know she is now at peace.    Susan Nissman

I’m sorry to hear of her passing.  I’ve only met her briefly, but she sure touched all in the trails community.  I will pass this sad news to my colleagues at the County.     Francis Yee

I liked Linda as a person and greatly respected her knowledge of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Linda was the first person I thought of when I had questions about trails in the SMM, and she was always so willing to help; it was a pleasure to work with her over the years.  I’m sad to lose Linda, but I know, like you say, that she is no longer in pain.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.   Gina Natoli

So sad this happened to her.  A truly good soul.  I support your efforts for the Conservancy to hold a celebration of her life.  Nancy Helsley

My last conversation with Linda and Bob gave me the feeling that the time was imminent.  As I told you, Linda was so special, so strong in mind and spirit.    Love, Joanne Hubbard


Like I told Mary Ann, I was very fond of Linda.  Like you, she always made me feel welcomed... Bill Vanderberg


Linda was an amazing person and she fought hard.  Her kindness, warmth and smile will not be forgotten.   Barb Thomas