2021 Trail Maintenance Year in Review

Crew Posing in front of completed.
The Crew - after removing the rock obstacle.

The ebb and flow of the COVID pandemic continued to shape the trail work our crew performed in 2021. State Parks required our crew size at these events be limited in numbers of volunteers and specifically to crew that could provide proof of vaccination. Our Trail Days events were cancelled along with NPS Public Lands Day events. Our crew continued to focus on repairing trails from beginning to end.

Chart with numbers

Highlights for the year:

We fixed a segment on the BBT (Hondo Canyon) by re-routing a segment that had been falling into disrepair for the past few years. For that effort, several of the crew suffered from the large amounts of poison oak they removed! image of work
In January, we used a battery powered hammer drill, sledge hammers, and picks to flatten out a rock obstacle that had been causing issues for equestrians and hikers. Cage Creek Image
February thru April found us on the Old Boney Trail. This trail had not been worked in several years. Brush was removed, tread was repaired and drains were cleaned installed on several miles of trail. Hidden Pond trail was also worked. Map of trail worked on
During the months of May and June, our crew worked the trails in La Jolla Valley. We cleaned, cleared and repaired segments of the Mugu Peak Trail and the loop trails. We completed the La Jolla Valley Loop trail in October. Image of Jerry and Jon Image od Barry and John
September saw the return of some public events as we worked at Peter Strauss Ranch and at CSUCI. Lovable Dave at work
Several trips working the Willow Creek Trail in Leo Carrillo State Park were followed by events along the Upper Sycamore/Old Cabin Trail. Shaon & Don Greg Image of Jon
We worked on the Guadalasca Trail and Wood Canyon Visit Trail with CORBA during the November to December stretch. The last event of the year was an Eagle Scout Project to restore the trail kiosk at Leo Carrillo State Park. Image of completed project

Our Most Dedicate Regulars

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Highlights - Previous Years: