Upper Sycamore Trail Restoration

This fall, the SMMTC volunteer trail crew will undertake a major trail restoration project on the Upper Sycamore Canyon Trail in Point Mugu State Park. In December of 2014, an intense rainstorm severely damaged this section of the trail. The damage consisted mainly of a washout, occurring when a large volume of water cascaded down a steep slope, eroding away a section of trail including a set of rock steps. Our trail crew performed some temporary repairs, which were suitable for hikers, but did not resolve the hazardous conditions for equestrians. Several months ago, members of the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council Trail Crew developed a conceptual design to restore this section of trail. The plan, approved by local authorities, required additional approvals from other agencies. All concerned agencies have now approved this plan. Several Tuesday/Thursday workdays have been added to the regular weekly trail maintenance schedule to accomplish this project. The work will begin in late October and extend well into November. The project starts with the clearance of dead trees and other debris from the trail and the surrounding area. The major part of the project comes next, with the construction of a large, dry masonry retaining wall. Only local materials (rocks and soil) will then be used to backfill behind the wall to develop a smooth, unobstructed trail tread. The final phase of the project will be installing water diversions and other improvements above the damaged area to reduce future water runoff from damaging the trail. This project will require immense effort from our volunteer trail crew, over and above our already busy schedule. When completed, the project will result in a safer and more pleasant experience for all trail users. Let us know if you want to be a part of this effort.

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