April 17, 18, 19
Point Mugu State Park

43rd Annual
Santa Monica Mountains
Trail Days

See you in April of 2025!

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Need to Know/View or Print
So Important We Say It Twice!
There Is No Trail Work Friday
No Dogs, Please!
Registration Closed!

  • Work Saturday or Sunday or BOTH!
  • Camp Friday and Saturday.
  • Friday - NO trail work scheduled.
  • No trail work experience needed!
  • There is a fun job for everyone!
  • Help improve trails and parks for all of us to enjoy!
  • For the safety of people and dogs - No Dogs, Please!

Shuttle Schedule

Caravans INBOUND First ShuttleLast Shuttle
Friday April 195:00PM7:00PM
Saturday April 207:30AM4:30PM
Sunday April 217:30AM
Caravans OUTBOUND First ShuttleLast Shuttle
Saturday April 203:00PM9:00PM
Sunday April 218:00AM2:30PM
Need to CHANGE [NOT CANCEL] your registration? When you signed up, we sent you a registration receipt via email. That email has an "EDIT RESPONSE" button. If you can find the email and the button, click that button and you will be taken to a page where you can change your registration details to match your new reality. If you can not find it, send us an email and let us know what changes you need to make. Our staff will cheerfully update your registration with the details you provide.

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“Trail Days is a blast! You'll find more than just a trail to clear - you'll discover a community and a cause that will leave you wanting more. The vehicle escort descends into scenic Point Mugu State Park via Big Sycamore Canyon before arriving at Danielson Ranch. Along the way you get amazing views of canyons and peaks. Friendly organizers get you signed in and out onto a trail. Once you join a work party, strangers become teammates. Clearing and restoring trails is led by experienced crew leaders. They safely guided us along the trail. Sweat and camaraderie flowed freely, creating a bond for all to bring back to the ranch for the BBQ. Forget boring participation trophies, get ready for epic swag! There seemed to be a prize for everyone provided by the amazing businesses who support this event. Camp for free and do it all over again the next day. Highly recommended!!! -Peter S.

How does free camping at the Danielson Ranch in Point Mugu State Park, a barbecue dinner, coffee & bagels in the mornings and the chance to score one of a few dozen giveaways - in exchange for some much needed work on our trails, sound? We could sure use your help! Come work with us for a day or two. We have been gathering together in April as hikers, runners and cyclists to work on the trails we love and use since 1981. We have crew leaders from the Trails Council, the Sierra Club Task Force and CORBA to teach you the basics of trail work (if needed) and then guide you as we work on several different trails in the park. The recent rains have provided ample opportunity to repair stream crossings and washed out sections of the trail. In some areas you might be building or clearing drains. Working on trails is good exercise and many of us find it enjoyable. When the weekend is over, your trails are in better shape and we all benefit. If we have done our job right, you may start thinking about coming back out to work with us!

Trail Days is a weekend for individuals, families, and groups to give back to the parks by helping maintain trails. Partners for this event include California State Parks National Park Service, Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council, CORBA, and Santa Monica Mountains Task Force of Sierra Club.

Event Details!
DatesFebruary 1 - Registration Opens
April 14- Last Day To Sign Up For Trail Days
April 14 - Last Day To RSVP For Camping
Camping Free camping Friday and/or Saturday nights for Trail Days workers at the Danielson Multi-use Area - located under the sycamores and oaks in the heart of Point Mugu State Park. Advance camping registration appreciated by April 14.
WearGloves, hat, long pants, protective clothing*, sunscreen, lip balm, and work boots or sturdy shoes.
*to keep you warm/dry/comfortable as weather requires, protective eye wear/sunglasses, etc.
Bring Lunches, beverages, snacks, water bottle or hydration pack, insect repellant and sun screen. Be Green, Bring your own mug! Please pack your own lunch for Saturday trail work. You will eat at your work site.
Tools are provided, but you can bring a pick, shovel, Pulaski, McLeod, pruning saw, or long-handled loppers.
(Please, no light-weight tools or chain saws.)
MorningsBagels and hot beverages supplied Saturday & Sunday mornings for campers.
Dinner Saturday Night Barbecue Free for trail workers
Bring appetizers and beverages.
Thank-you give-aways Saturday night AND Sunday after work!

DIRECTIONS: Address is 4122 West Potrero Road. View on Google Maps. Ventura Freeway (101) to Wendy Dr. offramp in Newbury Park – Take Wendy Drive South to Potrero Rd – Turn right – at Reino turn left and continue to the park entrance service road, the first driveway on the left. Enter the service road and drive to the first intersection. Wait there and an escort car will meet you. The campground is 4 miles into the park. This is NOT the main entrance to Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa or Point Mugu State Park.

Campground Amenities: Drinking water from faucets. Hot showers and restroom facilities. Picnic tables. Large central outdoor eating area with fireplace.

Food/Drink Hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and bagels served throughout the weekend. Please bring your own cup. Bring your own lunch for Saturday. Saturday night’s barbecue will be provided free of charge to trail work volunteers. Bring your appetizer and additional beverages. Saturday barbecue will be served between 5:30 and 6:00 pm.

Camping Information: Coleman stoves and backpack stoves are ok to be used in the central picnic area only and only on the table tops. Lanterns are ok. NO ground fires or enclosed fire pits. Bring a flashlight.

Please note the vehicle arrival and departure times. Locked gates at both ends of the service road restrict access to and from the camp site. The campground is located 4 miles from Newbury Park via a narrow service road. Cars may only drive to and from the campground at specified times with an escort. We are not permitted to drive into or out of the interior of the park except in caravans led by Authorized California State Parks Employees. At all other times, the entry gate will be locked.

Tentative Schedule

Friday Time Line

Volunteers Arriving Friday
5:00PM Vehicle Escort7:00PM Vehicle Escort
Vehicles will be escorted into the campground from the RSV Service Road
~:30 minutes later
Check in at picnic area, select camp site, setup camp. Bring your own dinner.
10:00 Lights Out.
Vehicles will be escorted into Point Mugu State Park and ultimately to the Danielson Ranch Group Campsite.
Transit time is approximately 30 minutes.
No Trail Work is scheduled for Friday.
Bring your own Dinner.

Saturday Time Line

Volunteers Arriving Saturday
7:30AMVehicle escort departs RSV service road destined for the campground.
Daily Schedule
8:00Campers, stake out your camping spot, Please check in at the sign up desk in the picnic area. All volunteers are required to sign a waiver (individual, parental, or group as applicable). Once you have checked in and the waiver is signed, you can pick up your swag! Coffee and Bagels available.
8:30Assemble at designated trail signs for instructions & safety talk
8:45Travel to work area.
11:30Lunch - along the trail. Bring your own lunch.
2:00Return to Danielson Ranch.
2:30 Clean up, relax and socialize.
Skipping the BBQ and Ready to go Home?
3:00PMVehicle escort departs Danielson Ranch.
Working Sunday - Only Camping Saturday?
4:30PMVehicle escort departs RSV service road destined for the campground.
Staying For Dinner or Camping?
5:00BYO happy hour at picnic area
5:30Dinner with prize giveaways.
7:30Camp fire program.
Not Camping?
9:00PMVehicle escort departs Danielson Ranch.
10:00Lights Out.

Sunday Time Line

Volunteers Arriving Sunday
7:30AMVehicle escort departs RSV service road destined for the campground.
Not working Sunday? Early Departure
8:00AMVehicle escort departs Danielson Ranch.
Daily Schedule
8:00Please check in at the sign up desk in the picnic area. All volunteers are required to sign a waiver (individual, parental, or group as applicable). Once you have checked in and the waiver is signed, you can pick up your swag! Coffee and Bagels available.
8:30Assemble at designated trail signs for instructions & safety talk
8:45 Travel to work area.
12:00 Complete trail work
12:15Lunch provided and there could be some awesome leftovers. Prize giveaways.
1:15Clean up and pack up.
2:30PMVehicle escort departs Danielson Ranch.

Rain (unless torrential)
does not cancel.

Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council,
Barb Thomas (805) 509-3426

Camp Site
People - dinner
People - dinner