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Date: 2017-03-10
Trail: Santa Cruz Islands
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 96
Status: Completed
Regulars: 4
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
4702017-03-10Jerry Mitcham96.0
4712017-03-02Jerry Mitcham10.0
3972016-04-05Dave Edwards110.0
3352015-06-11Jerry Mitcham4.0
3322015-05-16Greg Sweel84.0
Crew Member Hours
Dave Edwards24.00
Don Brusselars24.00
Jerry Mitcham24.00
John Kross24.00
This was a scheduled volunteer work project on Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National park. Since our scheduled February trip to Santa Cruz had to be cancelled due to the weather, this was our first trip to the Channel Islands this year. The primary objective of this trip was to perform both corrective and preventative trail maintenance as a result of damage inflicted by early rain storms this year. Two SMMTC volunteers had visited the Island earlier this month to assess the damage. Project Totals: Feet of trail maintained: 5,596 (1.06 Mi.) Total Volunteer Hours: 4 volunteers X 24 hours = 96 Individual Volunteer Hours: Jerry Mitcham: 24 Hours Dave Edwards 24 Hours John Reyes 24 Hours Don Brusselars 24 Hours