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Date: 2017-04-18
Trail: Channel Islands
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 98
Status: Completed
Regulars: 2
Casuals: 2
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
8952022-10-01Jerry Mitcham50.0
8232021-10-09Jerry Mitcham44.0
8192021-09-18Jerry Mitcham45.0
5642018-05-20Greg Sweel44.5
5572018-04-10Jerry Mitcham108.0
4902017-04-18Jerry Mitcham98.0
4182016-06-17Jerry Mitcham48.0
3892016-02-19Barry Dydyk79.5
2192014-03-25Jerry Mitcham72.0
Crew Member Hours
Anne Russell24.50
Israel Ulloa24.50
Jerry Mitcham24.50
This was our annual trip to the Prisoners Harbor area of Santa Cruz island to work on the Del Norte Trail. The primary objective of this trip was to perform trail maintenance on the that section of the Del Norte Trail between Navy road and the Del Norte Campground, We would also work on the campground and on the Montanon Ridge Trail at the end of Navy Road. We were a crew of four SMMTC volunteers. Project Totals: Feet of trail maintained: 11,620 (2.2 Mi.) Total Volunteer Hours: 4 volunteers X 24.5 hours = 98 hours Individual Volunteer Hours: Jerry Mitcham: 24.5 Hours Anne Russell 24.5 Hours Israel Ulloa 24.5 Hours John Seltzer 24.5 Hours