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Date: 2017-08-03
Trail: Santa Barbara Island
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 19
Status: Completed
Regulars: 2
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
5042017-08-24Jerry Mitcham97.5
5032017-08-03Jerry Mitcham19.0
Crew Member Hours
Barry Dydyk9.50
Jerry Mitcham9.50
This was an unscheduled event. This was a follow-up to the damage assessment conducted on April 5, 2017. The main purpose of this trip was to survey the site with the park archeologist. We also reviewed the work needed and updated the earlier assessment. The Park staff is interested in repairing the damage to the trail to improve safety prior to repair of the landing and also for any visitors landing from private boats. While the repairs are not an immediate concern, they would like to have the trail repaired ahead of the landing repairs.