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Date: 2018-08-22
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Downed Trees Hondo Canyon
Leader:John Kross
Hours: 54
Status: Completed
Regulars: 9
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
5862018-08-22John Kross54.0
Crew Member Hours
Barry Dydyk6.00
Bill Dinino6.00
Dave Edwards6.00
Dave Perlmutter6.00
Don Brusselars6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
Jerry Mitcham6.00
John Kross6.00
Norm Simmonds6.00
At 8a.m., a group of 3 with a chain saw started down the BBT at the Saddle Peak road access to the Fossil Ridge trail. This group cleared four areas where small trees were blocking the trail, and also cleared many trees that presented a hazard. Another group arrived at Greenleaf Canyon road, off of Topanga Blvd. and took out a large tree blocking the BBT. This second group then moved to Old Topanga and hiked in about ½ mile to take out two very large branches blocking the trail Both groups completed the day's assignment and we proceeded back to TOTC. Total Volunteer Hours: 9 Volunteers x 6 hours = 54 hours Miles cleared of fallen and low hanging trees: ~4 miles