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Date: 2019-03-23
Trail: Backbone Trail - Etz Meloy
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 108
Status: Completed
Regulars: 11
Casuals: 7
Tag:BBT, Woolsey_Fire
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
6262019-03-23Dave Edwards108.0
3822016-02-17Norm Simmonds82.5
3592015-10-31Dave Edwards36.0
2782014-12-06Barb Thomas54.0
2682014-11-08Dave Edwards42.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas6.00
Barry Dydyk6.00
Bill Dinino6.00
Dave Edwards6.00
Don Brusselars6.00
George Sherman6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
Ingrid Cassady6.00
Jerry Mitcham6.00
John Kross6.00
Norm Simmonds6.00
Robert Bittner6.00
We had a large group of volunteers for today's work plus Mike Zenan from NPS trail crew. We spent a considerable amount of time repairing damage to several sections of the trail where a bulldozer cut a fire break during the Woolsey fire. This involved lots of tread work restoring the trail especially so bikers could ride more safely. We smoothed the tread all along the dozer path. We installed two major water drains. Once this was complete we turned the crew's attention to light brush cutting, weeding and widening the trail with McCleods. The trail had the usual slide material coming down as a result of the recent rains. We cleared about 0.35 mile of trail starting from the east end where it joins with Etz Meloy working our way down towards Yerba Buena Rd. This leaves about 0.15 mile of trail left to work on the lower portion. It's mostly light brushing and tread work. There's no major issues with this lower part of trail and we don't expect to come back to finish it anytime soon. Crew size: 18 Hours worked: 6 Total hours: 108 Total feet of trail worked: 1900