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Date: 2019-05-11
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Rogers Road, Topanga SP
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 156
Status: Completed
Regulars: 12
Casuals: 17
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
6462019-05-11Dave Edwards156.0
Crew Member Hours
Dave Edwards19.00
Dave Perlmutter19.00
Don Brusselars7.00
George Sherman7.00
Greg Sweel14.00
Jerry Mitcham7.00
John Kross14.00
Mark Simril7.00
This report reflects 3 days of trail work on Rogers Road in Topanga State Park. It was a joint project with the Sierra Club Task Force. A spike camp was set up as a base camp to work from each day. Some people camped either one or two nights and some hiked about 2 ½ miles to work for the day only. The work consisted entirely of rushing the trail to establish a corridor of about 6-8 feet. A state park employee used a flail mower to cut in on both edges of the trail followed by our volunteer crew using two gas powered hedge trimmers. The trail was heavily over grown is some sections with deer weed, buckwheat, sage and various other plants. There was a considerable amount of lopping and sawing of limbs from small trees growing into the trail. Other crew members followed behind raking the cuttings and dumping them off to the side. Rogers Road is now completely cleared for about 3 miles starting at its juncture with the Topanga Fire Rd. Work summary: May 10: Crew size: 7 (4 SMMTC, 4 SCTF) includes one juvenile with SCTF Hours worked: 7 Crew hours 56 Feet of trail worked: 1300 May 11: Crew size: 6 (SMMTC, 9 (SCTF) includes one juvenile with SCTF Hours worked: 7 Crew hours 105 Feet of trail worked: 3350 May 12: Crew size: 2 (SMMTC), 4 (SCTF ) includes one juvenile with SCTF Hours worked : 5 Crew hours: 30 Feet of trail worked: 4000 (The flail mower cleared most of the trail on the way back out the previous evening. The crew lopped and brushed where needed on the way out that day)