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Date: 2019-09-07
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Backbone Trail, Piuma Ridge
Leader:Barb Thomas
Hours: 60
Status: Completed
Regulars: 10
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
6852019-09-07Barb Thomas60.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas5.00
Barry Dydyk5.00
Dave Edwards5.00
Don Brusselars5.00
George Sherman5.00
Greg Sweel5.00
Jerry Mitcham5.00
Mike Epler5.00
Norm Simmonds5.00
Sharon Simmonds5.00
Two crews brushed and lopped their way up or down this BBT segment from Tapia Park to the Piuma Road Crossing. Trail is in mostly good shape. One small segment was missed in the middle. Some tread work was done. This section could benefit from a weed whip or brush trimmer to clean up the edges of the trail. Finished early - Summer heat was a factor. The crew was delighted to have Norm and Sharon back on the trail with them!