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Date: 2019-10-19
Trail: COSCA Fall Work Day
Leader:John Kross
Hours: 55
Status: Completed
Regulars: 11
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
9022022-10-15John Kross76.0
6992019-10-19John Kross55.0
5152017-10-21John Kross58.5
4402016-10-15Jerry Mitcham90.0
3572015-10-17Jerry Mitcham45.0
Crew Member Hours
Anne Russell5.00
Barb Thomas5.00
Barry Dydyk5.00
Dave Edwards5.00
George Sherman5.00
Greg Sweel5.00
Jerry Mitcham5.00
John Kross5.00
Jon Sheldon5.00
Norm Simmonds5.00
Sharon Simmonds5.00
Crewleaders met at the Santa Rosa Valley Park on Hill Canyon Road. Assignments were handed out, activities reviewed, and we walked to the Hill Canyon bridge where the tools were. Volunteers were directed to the tools and were then assigned to the different crews. We ended up with enough volunteers for 6 crews of ~12 each, about 72 volunteers on the trails. Four crews went up the Gasline trail. They put in five drains, brushed to 8 feet wide, raked rocks, and filled in ruts. Total volunteer hours: 72 volunteers x 4 hours = 288 hours Feet of trail maintained: 4,224
Crew Leaders were credited with 5 volunteer hours for this event. Our stats reflect only the Trails Council hours.