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Date: 2020-05-08
Trail: Mishe Mokwa Trail
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 18
Status: Completed
Regulars: 4
Casuals: 0
Tag:BBT,CIRCLE X,Covid-19
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
7482020-05-23Dave Edwards30.0
7472020-05-21Barry Dydyk8.0
7452020-05-16Dave Edwards36.0
7442020-05-14Jerry Mitcham8.0
7422020-05-13Norm Simmonds24.0
7432020-05-12Jerry Mitcham9.0
7412020-05-11Dave Edwards24.0
7402020-05-08Dave Edwards18.0
7392020-05-06Jerry Mitcham12.0
7372020-05-04Jerry Mitcham13.5
7382020-05-04Dave Edwards13.5
7352020-04-30Jerry Mitcham12.0
7362020-04-28Don Brusselars8.0
7322020-04-28Barry Dydyk12.0
7302020-04-22Jerry Mitcham12.0
7312020-04-21Barry Dydyk13.5
6032018-11-03Jerry Mitcham54.0
5982018-10-06Dave Edwards72.0
5512018-03-17George Sherman42.0
5432018-02-03John Kross54.0
5172017-10-28Barry Dydyk48.0
3842016-01-30Greg Sweel54.5
Crew Member Hours
Dave Edwards4.50
Dave Perlmutter4.50
John Kross4.50
Jon Sheldon4.50
NPS-Sandstone Peak/Mishe Mokwa connector trail Crewleader: Dave Edwards Summary: We began our short hike at 7:30 and started work at 7:50 near the Sandstone Peak end of the Backbone connector trail.Two of us spent about 90 minutes straightening the trail sign post at the juncture of Sandstone Peak and the Backbone connector trail. It was apparently knocked several degrees off vertical by heavy machinery and was bent near its bottom. We continued work on a previous section where we moved the trail over and out of a badly eroded trench. We still needed to flatten the trail be removing a slight crown. We cleared weeds and burned out stumps and moved the trail over at another section close to the Sandstone Peak end. When we return on our next outing we'll finish this last section. This will leave a continuous new trail next to the old, rutted trail all the way from the bottom at the Sandstone Peak side up to where it levels off. We arrived back at trailhead parking at 12:00. Crew size: 4 Hours worked: 4.5 Total hours: 18 Total feet of trail worked: 100 ft