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Date: 2020-05-16
Trail: Mishe Mokwa Trail
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 36
Status: Completed
Regulars: 6
Casuals: 0
Tag:BBT,CIRCLE X,Covid-19
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
7482020-05-23Dave Edwards30.0
7472020-05-21Barry Dydyk8.0
7452020-05-16Dave Edwards36.0
7442020-05-14Jerry Mitcham8.0
7422020-05-13Norm Simmonds24.0
7432020-05-12Jerry Mitcham9.0
7412020-05-11Dave Edwards24.0
7402020-05-08Dave Edwards18.0
7392020-05-06Jerry Mitcham12.0
7372020-05-04Jerry Mitcham13.5
7382020-05-04Dave Edwards13.5
7352020-04-30Jerry Mitcham12.0
7362020-04-28Don Brusselars8.0
7322020-04-28Barry Dydyk12.0
7302020-04-22Jerry Mitcham12.0
7312020-04-21Barry Dydyk13.5
6032018-11-03Jerry Mitcham54.0
5982018-10-06Dave Edwards72.0
5512018-03-17George Sherman42.0
5432018-02-03John Kross54.0
5172017-10-28Barry Dydyk48.0
3842016-01-30Greg Sweel54.5
Crew Member Hours
Dave Edwards6.00
Dave Perlmutter6.00
George Sherman6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
John Kross6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
NPS-Mishe Mokwa trail Crewleader: Dave Edwards Summary: We hiked to the work site at 8:00 and split into two groups of three each. One group worked from where we left off last time by clearing morning glory and rocks from about a 130 ft section of trail. We widened and smoothed the tread and pulled the berm in leaving a slight out slope. The other group worked about a 70 foot fairly steep and gnarly section which was badly eroded with a deep trench and high outside berm. We removed the berm, filled in the trench and moved the trail to the outside. Several small tree stumps were removed. A drain was installed near the bottom of this section and a large rock step near the top. We arrived back at trailhead parking at 2:00. Crew size: 6 Hours worked: 6 Total hours: 36 Total feet of trail worked: 200 ft