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Date: 2021-10-02
Agency:State Parks
Trail: La Jolla Valley, Point Mugu State Park
Leader:John Kross
Hours: 104
Status: Completed
Regulars: 11
Casuals: 5
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8222021-10-02John Kross104.0
8172021-09-11George Sherman55.0
8162021-09-04Don Brusselars48.0
Crew Member Hours
Barry Dydyk6.50
Cindy Kimmick6.50
Dave Edwards6.50
Dave Perlmutter6.50
Don Brusselars6.50
George Sherman6.50
Greg Sweel6.50
John Kross6.50
Jon Sheldon6.50
Norm Simmonds6.50
Roger Young6.50
Nine of us met at the Wendy trailhead and proceeded to shuttle to La Jolla Valley in two pickup trucks. Jon Sheldon and Roger Young hiked in on the Chumash trail. Roger led five runners up the trail and to the trucks. The runners signed in and presented their proof of vaccination. We proceeded to the work area. We arrived at the work area. We had two power brush cutters, and we divide the group into three main categories: brush cutter operators (2), cleaning up behind the machines (4 x brush cutter), forward loppers/saws, and the remainder of the group pulling up stumps and removing rocks, and cutting back brush with McLeods. It’s with great satisfaction that I can say we have now completed the entire La Jolla Loop. We hiked back to the trucks. Runners, Roger Young and Jon Sheldon hiked back down the Chumash trail Total volunteer hours: 16 volunteers x 6 1/2 hours = 104 hours Feet of trail maintained: 2524 Regular crew: John Kross, Dave Perlmutter, Greg Sweel, Dave Edwards, George Sherman, Barry Dydyk, Norm Simmonds, Cindy Kimmick, Don Brusselars, Jon Sheldon, Roger Young Day volunteers/runners: Peter Parziale, Kevin Tolo, Sean Barry, Harvey Karlovac, Brent Pepper