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Date: 2021-12-11
Agency:State Parks
Trail: CSUCI Trail Corp OJT
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 25
Status: Completed
Regulars: 5
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8332021-12-11Jerry Mitcham25.0
Crew Member Hours
Bryan Loya5.00
Charles Knowles5.00
Dorian Curtin5.00
Jerry Mitcham5.00
Katie Eikenberry5.00
This was a special project to provide initial trail maintenance training to the CSUCI Tail Corps members. We met in the day use parking lot for a lecture session, followed by on-the-job training on nearby trails. There were four Trail Crew member present. Met at the day use parking lot at Leo Carrillo State Park. Jason Finely was on site to verify the member’s vaccination status. He also provided a brief description of his job, the importance of the SMMTC support to State Parks and how the two organizations work closely together. I conducted approximately two hour lecture on topics of: purpose of tails and importance of trail maintenance. Also covered, maintenance terminology, tread repair, drainage features, brush work and retaining wall maintenance. After the lecture, we went on nearby trails for on-the-job training. On the trail, I pointed our many trail features and problems (we didn’t attempt to repair all the problems). I instructed the crew on the proper construction of drains and allowed them to repair three poorly functioning drains. Performed a small amount of lopping. I pointed out a spot needing a small retaining wall and described how we would construct the same. Completed the day’s events. Total volunteer hours: 5 Volunteers x 5 hours = 25 hours Feet of trail maintained: NA.