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Date: 2022-01-13
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Trail Sign Survey
Leader:Jon Sheldon
Hours: 16
Status: Completed
Regulars: 3
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8572022-02-20Jon Sheldon18.0
8562022-02-17Jon Sheldon9.0
8532022-02-13Jon Sheldon25.0
8472022-01-18Jon Sheldon10.0
8462022-01-14Jon Sheldon5.5
8412022-01-13Jon Sheldon16.5
8402022-01-09Jon Sheldon10.0
Crew Member Hours
Jon Sheldon5.50
Katie Eikenberry5.50
Ruth Feldon5.50
Two Trail Council volunteers and one CSUCI Student met at Wendy and Potrero, drove to the Danielson Multi-Use Area and hiked the Blue Canyon, Old Boney/Toe Stubber, Big Sycamore Canyon Trail, Sycamore Canyon FireRoad and Two Foxes trails to survey signage. Seventeen existing signs were surveyed and locations for six additional signs were identified. Participants: Jon Sheldon, Ruth Feldon, Katie Eikenberry. Returned to car at Wendy and Potrero. Total volunteer hours: 3 volunteers x 5.5 hours = 16.5 hours Feet of trail maintained: N/A