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Date: 2022-02-09
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Lookout Trail
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 65
Status: Completed
Regulars: 12
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8512022-02-09Dave Edwards65.0
5112017-10-04Jerry Mitcham18.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas5.00
Carlyn Taggart5.00
Cindy Kimmick5.00
Dave Edwards5.00
Don Brusselars5.00
Jerry Mitcham5.00
John Kross5.00
Jon Sheldon5.00
Norm Simmonds5.00
Riley Evans5.00
Ruth Feldon5.00
Sharon Simmonds5.00
Location: Lookout trail, Malibu Creek State Park Crew leader: Dave Edwards Summary: We met at 8:30 at Malibu Creek State Park and drove to the Lookout trail trailhead along Crags Road. Our main objective was to widen about a 40 feet section of trail and another shorter section where the outer edges were eroding away. These two sections were about 150 yards up the trail from the trailhead along Crags road. We also restored 7 water drains and cut in one other. We returned to the parking lot at 1:30. Crew size: 13 Hours worked: 5 Total hours: 65 Total feet of trail worked: n/a