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Date: 2022-02-20
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Trail Sign Survey
Leader:Jon Sheldon
Hours: 18
Status: Completed
Regulars: 3
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8572022-02-20Jon Sheldon18.0
8562022-02-17Jon Sheldon9.0
8532022-02-13Jon Sheldon25.0
8472022-01-18Jon Sheldon10.0
8462022-01-14Jon Sheldon5.5
8412022-01-13Jon Sheldon16.5
8402022-01-09Jon Sheldon10.0
Crew Member Hours
Bryan Loya6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
Ruth Feldon6.00
Activity: PMSP Sign Restoration Project Field Survey Location: Point Mugu State Park Crewleader: Jon Sheldon Drove to the Sycamore Cyn FR/Wood Cyn FR junction to begin this last survey of signs. Surveyed 10 existing signs and identified locations for three additional signs. Returned to Wendy/Potrero. This completes the Field Survey portion of the project. Participants: Jon Sheldon, Ruth Feldon, Bryan Loya (CSUCI) PRELIMINARY STATISTICS (subject to change) All 73 signs installed by the Trails Council in 2007 were surveyed. Of this number, 4 signs are missing, 9 signs are unreadable due to fire damage and 5 signs have partial fire damage. Most of the remaining 56 signs have some form of degradation due to sun exposure or vandalism. An additional 39 signs were located in the park in various conditions. Some signs have incorrect trail names, some have incorrect mileage to destinations. There are many inconsistencies between various sign’s trail names and destinations that will be detailed later. There are a total of 39 named trails/roads in the park. There are 64 junctions in the park. Six junctions are fully signed, 39 are partially signed and 19 are unsigned. Serrano Valley is completely unsigned. The BBT traverses 8 different segments in the park with 2 entry points and 8 intermediate junctions. A total of 18 signs should have a BBT indication. We found only one BBT directional sign in place. A total of seven trips into the park, including this one, were made to complete the field survey. Today’s volunteer hours: 3 volunteers x 6 hours = 18 hours