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Date: 2022-04-02
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Phantom trail, Malibu Creek SP
Leader:Don Brusselars
Hours: 42
Status: Completed
Regulars: 7
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8712022-04-09Dave Edwards90.0
8722022-04-02Don Brusselars42.0
Crew Member Hours
Dave Edwards6.00
Don Brusselars6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
John Kross6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
Mark Simril6.00
Ruth Feldon6.00
A group of seven volunteers assembled at the South end of Liberty Canyon Road and hiked in approximately 1-1/4 miles to the start of the work site. As we were hiking to the site, two drains were added to the trail, and steps added at a turn to protect an existing drain that was cleaned out. Work at the top of the trail was widening the trail by removing vegetation, including a few thick stands of mallow intruding on the trail, and tread work to provide a clean surface. A 7 volunteers @ 6 hours for a total of 42 hours Approximately 0.4 mile of trail was cleared in addition to the drain and step work that was performed.