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Date: 2022-07-08
Trail: Paramount Ranch
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 48
Status: Completed
Regulars: 12
Casuals: 0
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
8872022-07-08Dave Edwards48.0
5912018-09-22George Sherman24.5
4742017-03-29Jerry Mitcham72.0
2582014-10-11Jerry Mitcham48.0
2562014-09-27Dave Edwards45.0
2502014-08-23Dave Edwards25.0
Crew Member Hours
Audrey Laubender4.00
Barb Thomas4.00
Barry Dydyk4.00
Carlyn Taggart4.00
Dave Edwards4.00
Don Brusselars4.00
Greg Sweel4.00
Jerry Mitcham4.00
John Kross4.00
Jon Sheldon4.00
Roger Young4.00
Ruth Feldon4.00
We met at Paramount Ranch at 8:00. An NPS person opened the gate and escorted two of our tool trucks about a half mile to park alongside a dirt road. We passed out the tools to the crew and hiked about a half mile to begin work on the trail. We used 3 weed whackers and 2 brush cutters to clear the trail of weeds and brush. No tread work was performed. The trail we worked is a loop trail where there will be 5K runs on July 14th, 21st and 28th sponsored by Fleet Feet in Agoura Hills and by the SAMO fund to raise money to rebuild Paramount Ranch. We intermittently cleared about a mile of trail. We finished work at 11:30 and drove/hiked back to the parking area arriving at 12:00. Crew size: 12 Hours worked: 4 Total hours: 48 Total feet of trail worked: 5280